By Veronica

Source of coronavirus discovered

It grows on trees in Andalucia. We went for an actual walk this morning. First time since February. Just a short one, about 6.5 km, setting off from the caves near Nerja, but it was very hot and once you were away from the coast there was almost no wind. Luckily the second half of it was in the woods. As it was a there-and-back walk, we walked as far as I felt able and then turned back. As we passed under the motorway viaduct we observed some shrieking kestrels (I think, S thought they were kites) and realised they were nesting at the top of one of the piers.

Since we didn't get home till nearly 3, it was another late lunch, on the table at 4:30. Salmorejo, ensalada tropical, and roast chicken with potatoes, all prepared by S while I recovered. Once again that meant we didn't need to eat anything else in the evening. The rest of the day was a lazy one, terrace and sofa. While on the terrace I saw the local pair of kestrels, which I haven't seen for ages, windhovering and calling to each other.

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