By CleanSteve

A resting perch for one the nuthatches

The day after I recently blipped a baby nuthatch being fed by a parent, Helena found the body of one on the patio. We deduced it must have flown into the glass of the cabin's window, even though they were shut, and been killed. It looked completely uninjured.

Since then I've been keeping my eye on the nuthatches as they have been coming up to the two feeders near the house. I've been trying to work out which of them might have died. I think there were two breeding pairs and that it was one of the parents which died. Now there are at least three young ones appearing often at about the same time. They usually fly into the adjacent tree or bushes and then quickly fly onto the feeders and take the sunflowers seeds or suet pellets back to the branches where they can pass on the food to the youngsters. The youngsters are even now trying to get food from the feeders directly but with limited success.

This nuthatch flew onto the trellis by the back door and then stood here looking at me from the now disused bracket from which the feeder hangs. I had to move it as the debris from their feeding was landing in the young vegetable plants beneath which then are subject to other birds such as pigeons and blackbirds strutting about looking for crumbs, and destroying the young plants in the process. :-((

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