a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Lunch time!

Flower Friday: "lunchtime"

Cathy and I are not too sure what this plant is, its a low shrub with flower "bunches" formed from lots of tiny little pink flowers. Possibly some sort of viburnum she believes. The enormous green shiny monster eating the flowers is a male thick legged flower beetle.  You know its the male of the species because of the enormous thighs on the thing - the females have much more shapely legs.  Don't tell Cathy but the larvae feed and develop in plant stems :-o

The chaps met again in one of our gardens for a socially distanced drink last night, and very amusing it was as we sat in our spaced out circle in the dark, despite the cold wind and the occasional drizzle.  Am I selling it to you yet?  We did get to see Pete's hedgehog, which happily snuffled about the hedgerows notwithstanding the presence of 5 adult male humans drinking beer.  There was also a surprise treat later on as Pete barbecued us each an unexpected hot dog using sausages bought from a local farm shop.  

I'm not sure but, if it was always Summer I don't think we would ever want to go back to the local pub even if it does reopen :-) 

Of course the weather in November is not like the weather in June.  Sitting outside in 14C with a slight summer drizzle is one thing.  Sitting outside in 3C with November rain is something else entirely...

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