By Yorkshirebred

Flower Friday

Awful day weatherwise!  Had hoped to get out, but didn’t fancy getting soaked through. In between the heavy showers I dashed to the end of my road to photograph this Weigela which I had noticed the other day, and thought how pretty it looked. Got a complimentary bug too!  So, after a lazy morning, and missing the singing again, I decided the afternoon would be spent baking.  Someone on Blip had mentioned the National Trust recipe for scones, and I wanted to try making their rhubarb and custard scones.  However, I had run out of baking powder, and had no SR flour, so swapped to a recipe using baking soda and buttermilk. I tried making fruit scones first and they looked fine - not sure about the taste - I could taste the soda, but I do have a strong sense of taste - anyway my son enjoyed them!  Took longer than I thought, so didn’t get round to the rhubarb scones, but may attempt those tomorrow, perhaps along with lemon curd.  Also saw a Blipper making lime curd, so may give that a try too.  Not healthy, but it can be frozen, so not too much temptation around at once!  

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