Dreadful day weatherwise.....a heavy haar that never lifted. Not too cold but miserable. I'd closed my shutters in the bedroom last night, partly because the night before it had felt so weird to go to bed when it was still light, about 10.30pm, and woken about 3.30am briefly to see it was light again. I wanted a lie in, and the shutters certainly helped - didn't surface for my usual cup of tea and read of the papers til 8.30am and didn't get out of bed til nearly 10am!
Walked over the Meadows to Soderberg to buy a cardamon bun and a rhubarb Mazarin, and when I got home, all damp, I made coffee and settled to trying to set up my new work space with extra screen etc but hard to sort til the rest of the equipment arrives. Did some email and wrote lists, caught up a bit with S and V, and called Sa as it's her birthday, then headed to bigger supermarket for a change to pick up stuff for dinner. 
Zoomed with VickyG whilst we both cooked dinner, swapping views about cooking and art schools and lockdown life, then I headed for the sofa and the knitting - need to finish this cardigan before next weekend.

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