An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Through thick and gin...

I slept much better last night.  I did wake up again in time to hear the dawn chorus (always a pleasure) then fell back to sleep and woke just before my alarm at 8.30am.  Happy with that.

Alan's support worker Kirsten was working in her garden yesterday and the wind blew a fence panel and it hit her on the head!  She received quite a bump poor girl!  She's had it checked out and all ok but was advised to take things easy and watch out for any developing symptoms that might be connected to the bump, so she's not been in today.  That means Alan has been left in our capable hands.  Poor lad!  :-))

I finished David's Father's Day painting while David was walking Lola this morning (she met her Beagle pal Milly and was very happy!) and I've framed it hoping once framed, the bunny would look less manic.  Nope.  It's still manic!!  I'll blip it tomorrow if nothing better turns up.

And so it's Saturday night again!  Not Pub Quizzing tonight due to having a family day, but I am about to enjoy this little refreshment and will be raising my glass to toast World Gin Day!  Woo hoo! 

The blip is quite deceptive as despite the fact I have blipped my blingy Hendricks bottle, the glass actually contains my favourite - Harris gin  - which comes in a very beautiful bottle too, but the Hendricks one was the right height for the photo :-)  Oh and before partaking, the lemon has been swapped for a slice of orange.  My go to garnish.

Dinner shortly of homemade burgers in toasted buns with salad then a movie with Alan, if he fancies some company.  Probably Elf! 

So Happy World Gin Day my lovelies, and please excuse me as I vanish in to gin air ;-))))

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