It doesn't belong anywhere

(Bit small, but the sign says 'Racism does not belong here.'  Happy to see impromptu signs like this where I live.)

First time out of the house in ages today - the weather was lovely, so I took a walk over to the heath this morning.  Felt good for it, too.

Called my Mum this afternoon and had a nice chat with her.  Her dad, my grandad who sadly I never met, would have been 120 today!  I thought that couldn't possibly be right when she told me, then realised it really is 2020 (does that still take anyone else by surprise?!), and he was born in 1900.

My sister sent us some cool photos on WhatsApp of old newspaper pages they've found stuffed inside their walls (some major DIY going on in their house!), including a beautiful old newspaper advert for some very Edwardian shoes and boots - from 1913.  

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