By dunkyc


It has been another exceptionally busy, tiring and emotional week. 

The saving grace has for once been today; Friday. In recent weeks, I’ve blipped about how the craziness seemed to be saved for Fridays, but not so today. The morning passed quite sedately and featured a rare catch up with co-parent of the wee ones. Whilst the afternoon picked up a little pace, it was nothing too racey, but I was still ready for a wander with the wee ones.

I was quite surprised at the warmth on what at first appeared to be a very overcast and dreary day, but it was nice to have even a short walk and let the children loose on their scooters.

As you can see here, I don’t think they had a care in the world and shot off into the distance quite happily. I think it will be a different story on Monday morning when The Youngest returns to school and she showed a little apprehension when requesting a chat about the coronavirus and what it means at school and can she hug her friends etc.

I fumbled through a response, but basically told her to do as she was told and follow the teacher’s instructions, which is basically a cast iron guarantee that the opposite will happen.

On the plus side, a rare gift from Mr Johnson with his wonderful “support bubble”, which means that as a single father of three children under 18, I can take them for a stay with their grandparents down in Essex!

Already looking forward to seeing them and the change of scenery will also be very much appreciated!

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