Saw these two caterpillars at different points during our evening walk. Both were on the tarmac at the edge of the road. Not sure if they're the same species or not ... any expert info appreciated.

The top image I'm sure is the larva of the Drinker Moth - Euthrix potatoria. It has tufts at each end which, I understand, appear towards the end of its caterpillar stage prior to pupation. But is the lower picture also a Drinker Moth caterpillar, at an earlier stage of growth, or is it a different species? Both have the white markings along the side and are the same shade of brown. The tufted one is slightly darker, again consistent with increased maturity.

At 10pm, I'm almost ready for bed ... should sleep well tonight!

Spent a big chunk of the day gardening as the sun reappeared today. Cleared lots of ivy and brambles from the bank at the back of our small garden, behind our oil tank. Filled the brown bin, trod it down, and topped it up.

My Fitbit tells me that I achieved 151 active minutes today - just over two and a half hours! My 15,000+ steps covered over 6.5 miles and burned over 2000 calories, while climbing 35 "floors"; my busiest day in the past week!

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