By KatesGardenPDX

Another Visit to Bruce's Garden

You might remember that I visited my friend Bruce's garden on June 6th - an amazing 2 acre oasis. Years ago he planted a number of Cardiocrinum giganteum - Giant Lily (read about it here). They have now naturalized in the shady hillside area of his garden. He told me that in "normal" years they would have a spontaneous cocktail party when these giants bloomed - always in June - and invite everyone they knew...200 or so guests. But times being as they are, they are now inviting six people every hour to visit the garden to view the beauties. Today was my turn.

It was very difficult to get a good picture of these lilies. First of all, they must be 9' tall (2.7 meters) and it was overcast, so quite murky in the understory. But you can get a sense of them in the extras. They're like tall soldiers in the forest - really transforming the understory. Magnificent and with a gorgeous fragrance. Because they are pollinated in the evenings by moths and various bugs, they are only fragrant at night and on cloudy days. Divine!

I decided to make the main blip today one of his beautiful poppies which seemed to glow in the border despite the overcast day. I don't know what cultivar this is, but it's rather exquisite, don't you think?

But the BEST part of the day was a FaceTime chat with my co-grandmother and my granddaughter (6.5 years) - we're going to convince my son and daughter-in-law that it's time to expand the "bubble" so that I can see the kids at my co-grandmother's house on the weekends, outside, distanced and so on. With all due respect to everyone's health, including mine, I do think that there is a time when not having those you love in your life is simply heartbreaking. My 92 year old parents are now able to have 1 or 2 family visitors, masked, outside, 6' apart....they are beyond excited. It's such a relief to have these beloved people at least present again in one's life. 

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and stars on yesterday's "Butter and Sugar" iris! So greatly appreciated.

Hope you've all had a magnificent weekend! 

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