By Viewpoint

Honey Bee on Astrantia

I’ve been playing with flash and a small reflector shield that slides on.  I’ve had it a few weeks following a recommendation by John Gravett and I’ve only just got around to trying it out.  I’m not very good with flash because I don’t use it enough and I tried a range of settings.   I’m not entirely sure that I couldn’t have got the same image without the flash as it was very bright outside - maybe too bright.  Lots of insects on the Astrantia plants.  Some smaller bumblebees as well as hoverflies.  They all move about so quickly when it’s sunny and warm - far too quickly for me to identify them.  There is a Wildlife Trust garden survey next weekend, so I’m trying to practice.

I began the day working on the camera club photobook, which I’m intending to put online using ISSUU.  I’m making reasonable progress so I’m looking forward to sharing this with AndrewFH who has written some of the words as well as sharing photographs.

Next job was less of a pleasure, which was to evict the spiders and their detritus from the conservatory and give the areas I’d cleared a good clean.  It always feels better when I’ve done it as it tends to be a bit of a dumping ground.

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