Hectic - full of activity, very busy & fast

Like these bees working their way around my garden today.
An early start, I was up on the plot by 7am. Tying in the Japanese squash is a daily task, they are very vigorous, well 3 of them are, the 4th is very chilled, not moving at all. Next job to install my 2020 model, patent pending, bird scarer. The plan is for me to harvest the soft fruit before the pigeons & blackbirds. I watched a cheeky blackbird munching away on blackcurrants from a neighbour's patch yesterday. I had to make a few adjustments but am quite impressed with the result. Of course I will only know if it's been effective in a couple of weeks time when I'm making crumbles, pies, jelly & jam. The gooseberry crumble I made yesterday was a tad sharp but morish, especially with the addition of cream.  Plot jobs done I headed down to Mum's to do a few more jobs in her garden before she was up & about. Next Trago Mills to pick up a bag of horticultural grit, veg seed, & birthday cards. A quick shop.  Home again by 10.30am Laundry done. I mowed the grass, weeded the front border, added a few bits I've grown from seed to the border, then Saturdays back blip while having a coffee & lunch.
This afternoon I went to Tesco's to pick up my new phone. Fortunately Emma, a very nice young lady in the mobile phone shop transferred everything over from my old phone, for which I was very grateful. Now I have to, with the help of my husband transfer  everything from his phone to my old one as his phone screen is damaged. This could be a tad stressful.
I had a busy day too.

Thanks to laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday

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