By dfb24

The Girls

Not the best picture, as it was so bright out, but at least they're all in it. My stepdaughter, Courtney, is at the far left, then my granddaughters--Addy, Ella, Mae & Noelia--and my daughter Jennie. The kids were having such a great time playing together! They drew pictures, colored, played tag, drew with chalk all up and down the driveway, had lunch, and played some more. Tom said he was tired just watching them! LOL. Addy, Ella & I took a walk after Jennie and her girls left, so at least I got some exercise in. It was great to have them all here, even if we couldn't give them hugs. Tom & I have to be at the hospital by 7:00 tomorrow morning. He's having an implanted port inserted in his chest for his new regime of IV chemo, which we think will start this week....haven't gotten the exact appointment schedule yet. I've got some things I have to get done this eve., & I probably won't be commenting until tomorrow or Wed., so don't feel you need to leave me comments. Hope you all have a great week! :))

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