By ArcLight


Another tricky day, although it evolved more positively as time went on. I didn't manage yoga in the morning, but I was cheered to have a little outing in mid afternoon to meet meles and daveh to pick up the kind gift of a chilli plant (thanks to me for details of the plant). It is interesting to see that meles, having looked after my plants for a year and largely being horrified by my lack of care, now trusts me to bring up one of her babies! I must have progressed. I'm now thinking about whether I can propagate a succulent leaf cutting for my sister for when we see her! I'll turn all green fingered if I'm not careful.

So that gave me something to think about, and after my howls of anguish, lots of friends came through with cheering thoughts and expressions of kindness.

Mr A cooked a delicious bacon and oyster mushroom risotto, and then we sat out briefly after dinner (albeit well wrapped up). I did some yoga before bed time, which also helped and there was even some soft sunshine over the St James centre and the castle. It was a day of self-care and only modest amounts of (very easy) work.

Walking down to see m and d, I was struck by how lush the Water of Leith is looking (from the new path overlooking The Quilts). At this point, of course, it was gently spitting with rain...

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