By ArcLight


A much better day, with slightly better weather (good enough to spend a bit of time on the balcony here and there, and then to sit out for a chilly beer after dinner), and most of all with more exercise. I surprised myself by having the oomph to take the bike to the supermarket just after 7am, when all the signs pointed in favour of getting the car out. But no, I managed to kickstart the bike (as it were), and benefit from that early morning surge of energy that comes from ploughing along the cyclepaths in double quick time (it's generally faster to use the bike than to use the car). Later on I met up with my old PT for a session - the first of five scheduled sessions - in the park. Coco, the personal assistant, came too and posed nicely for a photograph. We also had a wee cuddle, which was nice. The session was mainly focused on things I've let slip during the lockdown, notably arm and back strength, which will stand me in good stead for the last few weeks. It was definitely worthwhile.

The rest of the day was quieter, and the work day concluded with a good chat on skype with AG, mainly about his interesting paper which I read in draft last week, and also about some of the interesting implications of the pandemic, which we are only just starting to work through.

The evening was nonsense TV (specifically that stupid documentary series about Monaco, which is about eye-watering wealth, really).

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