On the Edge

Furlough Day 63 16.06.20

Hanging about alone by the edge of the Canal as I walked along the footpath before the storm:)

In the extra - a duck trying to keep dry!  (Glad I took an umbrella but I've soaked my lovely shoes through they won't be quite the same...)

Another stressful day - not much packing done but spent a long time on the phone to SSE this morning and tried to change my driving licence this afternoon online, but they couldn't do it as I don't have an up to date passport :(   So popped into town to get the forms, as apparently if you don't do it you could be fined £1,000 plus....

Not having any joy getting through to DVLA on the phone, I put a message on the local Police 101 page, and a lovely PC came back to me to say that as long as I have evidence I have attempted to resolve the issue, and keep copies of what I have done (write notes), then it will be OK.  

I have decided to photograph the form and licence on my phone before I send them away to be processed!

Positives of the Day!

Thanks to lovely Blipper CharlotteJ as well for supporting me through this - not quite so stressed, but still a lot of packing to do before Friday (and 1001 other jobs)!

My Minister came to have a 'doorstep chat' this morning and a friend phoned to say farewell this afternoon :)

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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