Before and After

Archie had a haircut today. Can you tell?
He last went just before lockdown on March 17th. On that day I made another appointment for 12 weeks as usual and who knew what the world will be like then. June 9th seemed miles away!
And today was the day. So full lockdown was nicely bookended by Archie’s trip to the hairdressers. He goes way more than me, and it costs more!
They confirmed today that children in years other than reception, two and six won’t be going back before the holidays. I’m not too bothered either way but I do worry that the Little Misses aren’t doing much apart from watching Friends and that Miss E in particular is so loving being at home that we’ll have a job to get her back to school.
She gets her work for the day - as per timetabled lessons, does it all by noon and spends the rest of the day lazing around. She’ll wonder why she has to sit in school all day when she could do it in two hours. I know school is more than that but I worry she’ll struggle a bit.
Miss L has a hour of maths and and hour of English in the morning. Live via Teams and then all the lessons after lunch are optional.
And for Miss L optional means non-existent!!
And she’s doing even less 11+ prep than Miss E did and that’s saying something!!
I’m going for the It’ll all be OK approach.
And firmly sticking my head in the sand!!!

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