By strawhouse

On Their Way!

I had a few eBay things to post so Mr K and I walked to the post box in the village. It’s a nice walk!
Mr Tesco’s brought the food round at lunchtime. There was no pork pie so I just told him to take everything else away.
The courier company messaged first thing to say they were delivering the sofas tonight between 7-9pm. Whoop whoop!
I had a message from the woman we’d bought them off to say they’d told her they were collecting between 6-8pm. She’s over two hours away so the 7pm end of things didn’t look too likely.
She messaged at 8.30pm to say they were just loading up. And sent me the picture of our lovely new chairs going into the van.
The courier messaged me at 9.30pm and said traffic was terrible and they thought they’d be with us by 11.40pm. I said it was a bit late to be delivering furniture and could it wait until tomorrow. No, but they could do Wednesday. Perfect!
And I ordered four more pints of milk for delivery on July 6th. It’s like living in a time warp

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