By suehutton

Bottlebrush Flowers in Mist

Up before 7 am and realised that George and Kat's anniversary card still lay on the table. They celebrate tomorrow and the post goes at 9 am.

Dressed and got Basil up so he could walk with me to the postbox. Dense mist this morning obscuring the local streets.

As we walked round the corner, a neighbour's bottlebrush tree was virtually fully in flower. Seemed rude not to take a photo.

A Zoom meeting with my Uncle Dave and cousin Shelagh in the morning. Reminiscing, I gave them links to the blog I wrote for George's JoGle back in 2007, biking from John O'Groats to LandsEnd. Len and I had accompanied it in Big Bertha, which we were able to sell afterwards. 

Basil's disappointed that I'm making no moves to take him out but heavy rain is forecast.

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