A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Pole dancer!

This young ( I think ) Woodpecker was spotted in the front garden this morning from our bedroom window. It was rooting amongst the seeds dropped from the feeders by other birds and not very visible.  
I’ve never seen one on our feeders before so I shot downstairs for my camera. He was pretty well hidden amongst the foliage but suddenly made a leap for the feeder landing on the pole and promptly slid down. Which is what I did at my only attempt at Pole dancing! ( Yes really and I wasn’t the only blipper!)

He had another go and made it to the feeder, which although filled yesterday, was pretty depleted. Not greatly impressed he flew up onto the top of our neighbour’s shed before departing.

I was thrilled to see him and so have included all the reasonable shots I took in this collage. They were taken through the front window so not brilliant though I do like his bit of Pole dancing.
Hope he comes back.

Stay safe everyone.

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