I’ve spoken to someone…

Hi Everyone,

I had to leave the house today to pick up some snooker cue holders that need repairing. These holders came from the place I call the Club with no grub… The club was founded in 1906 and COVID-19 is the only thing that has closed the club in its 114-year history.

Myself and my fellow directors have been planning the possible reopening from the 4th July should that be allowed. We have some builders in the club making some alterations that will allow social distancing to take place. It is a real challenge to make changes when you don’t actually know what rules you have to comply with.  

Anyway, rather than just a quick outing to pick the holder up I ended up staying there all day. It was quite nice to have a chat with real people.
The photo is my Millers Falls Alford hand vice… this patent for this hand vice was made in 18?? and I believe this was made in the 1950’s/1960’s. You can see the little accessories that fit into the handle.

Stay happy, strong, and healthy… more tomorrow.


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