a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Wide Wednesday: Nature

Do you ever do that thing, where you get your entry nearly ready and then, to double check something you inadvertently navigate away from the page only to find that your lovingly crafted words have been lost forever?  Frustrating isn't it!

This shot has been quite frustrating in a number of ways.   In order to try to meet Freyjad's Wide Wednesday theme of "nature", I took a walk across the local fields with the camera and my wide lens.  I took a number of unsatisfactory shots, and finally got to this point and stopped for a minute, while I looked at the butterflies that were thronging the hedgerow.

I didn't have a macro lens with me to be able to take any shots, and mentally made a note that I really must come back suitably equipped on another occasion.  Looking up and moving towards this gate I startled the doe and her fawn that had been in hiding on the other side of the hedge.  They raced across the field far too quickly for me to get any sort of useable shot of them with a wide angled lens.

Instead, I just stood still and delighted in watching them go.  Once mum realised that I wasn't following or even doing anything threatening she slowed her pace through the field.  But even so, within a very short period she was once more gone from sight.

So rather than deer or butterflies, here is a field of grass, much enjoyed by the local deer population.  It has extensive views of the nearby round hill, which I have blipped on any number of occasions.  Maybe that's what the deer like; or maybe its the lovely lush grass which some people say has a bit of a citrus tang about it.  Obviously it is not lemon grass, oh no, that is something else entirely.

Day 3 of the game of hide and seek invented by John Finnemore for his radio comedy Cabin Pressure that my brother Brentastic and I seem to be playing, it is all still nice and easy at the moment.

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