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Three inquisitive calves

We had another dark and misty morning. I was here for the supermarket delivery which came between  8 and 9, so that was good. The only substitutions were in my favour, so that was nice.

At Margret's (next door) men arrived with scaffolding and set it up on either side of the wall which is being built. It looks solid and secure.

This afternoon I took the car to Limestone corner to start my walk. An Italian chap arrived and I was able to give him a short tour guide before he set off downhill to see some real Wall!

Mine was a short circular. It was hazy but I could see Chipchase Castle in the distance, if not the Cheviot and the Simonside Hills.

I met Tom, the waller, again and had a good chat with him. It turns out that he knows my friend Tory and her husband Will and the children, over at Belsay.

You have to like cows to walk in this area. Here is another suckler herd. It was a large one, with about twice as many again in the field beyond. I had to do a wide circuit around them, but they were blocking the gate I had to open. My photo is taken from where I had climbed over a broken down wall into the next field. I had to climb back because of all the barbed wire. The calves were very cute and inquisitive.

Back home I fell asleep in the chair (but I have walked only 3.5 miles, so no excuse). 

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