Woman Walking

By njoyce06

STOP!!! LOOK!!!!!

I was out riding my bike tonight.  The humidity was heavy, the air was still.   My iPhone kept telling me we were under severe thunderstorm warnings.  Where I ride my bike it's under giant Oak trees, for all 12 miles.  I looked to the sky , to the SE, it was dark and threatening.   But as I looked to the E, NE, the suns setting, through all of the humidity.  The sunlight was refracted red.....   all of the sky, the trees, branches, sides of buildings, clouds,.....  It was magical, like a red paintbrush had been used on the whole atmosphere!
    As I turned down this lane to head for home (I was still concerned about lightening under all of these trees) on a metal bike........
I saw this view.   The road has a complete canopy of limbs, reflecting red down the whole road.   I stopped the bike, in the middle of the road and just watched as the the light began to lift of the road as the sunset.  I just stood there and watched.   The light was still on the trees when I decided to take this picture, well, several of them.  Then I got back on my bike and scrammed down the road because now it was thundering.  I have lived here long enough to know that we get a lot of very hot storms and the huge trees get struck by lightening on a regular basis.
     But, I had had a magical view, like none I have ever seen before!

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