By Dakers

Let The Fox See The Rabbit

Was a curious phrase much used by my father, when we were discussing a problem about some work task I was working on and he wanted to have a closer look.

Dad was in the Royal Army Medical Corp during WW2, and I wonder if it was a saying he picked up in service life.

The task I completed yesterday was 60% of the grass areas I regularly mow. Part of the work is today’s Blipfoto.

I had hoped to cut the remainder today, but rain showers overnight and today have put paid to that particular plan. Tomorrow seems the most likely day.

The extra is the volunteer fern at the entrance door which has thrived remarkably well this year.

Today I received a letter from my dentist outlining all of the procedures that will be followed when attending the surgery for treatment. It is very detailed and well thought out, with several safeguards in place.

Quite a contrast from the BS that passes for ministerial statements issued from Westminster.

The Scottish Government has issued revised guidance for The Shielded like myself.

I can now go and play golf, which is great news, as I could never play it before. An old juvenile joke, for which I apologise.

Yesterday, I rerouted the electrical cable I referred to in the recent post about spiders.

Today there is only a little web actually in the hand hole. I think the spider was getting some sort of "buzz" from the current of the live cable.
The Persistence of Spiders

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