By HeidiHH

98th Corona diary entry / phase 3

Morning sky

We took the dogs out just before we got a little bit of rain. official figure was 0,4mm which is a joke, but I think our garden got a full millimeter at least. The grounds did get wet.

I finished my bag this morning. The one I was coloring. I really really like it. Here it is before I finished it:

I think I used 3 days for that. It was difficult to color with the paints, as I needed to held my hand in the air, so it doesn't have any support. At the same time I needed to press the paint out of the tube. So the lines aren't as smooth as I would have wanted to. But I like it anyway.

I've been walking so much since we got our hours to go out that I have totally (100%) missed all strength training. Today I finally managed to start that again. I need both. But I'd rather just be out in the nature.

The huge news is that our Netflix subscription run out. The credit card was changed to a new one and we decided not to renew it for a while. So this is first Netflix-free day. I think we've had Netflix non stop fro about 7 -8 years. But of course we have Spanish tv and some of Finnish tv is online. And we still have Amazon Prime which has it's own streaming service. But Netflix has been my main tv. So It's very good to be without for a while.

It's juhannus (yes, correctly written with small letters) in Finland. It will be San Juan here on Tuesday / Wednesday night. Same festival. Some of the traditions are same in both countries like kokko (bonfire). Here San Juan is cancelled this year due to the Pandemia. City of Alicante will launch the traditional huge "palm tree" from the castle of Santa Barbara at midnight. I don't think I will stay up late enough to see it. Then again, it could be impossible to sleep.

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