Thistle for Two

I was pleasantly surprised to see the beetle in addition to the bee when I got this image up on the computer screen.  I was also pleasantly surprised to have Hughes Hollow all to myself this morning, probably because it was overcast and there was a threat of rain but it held off during my visit and I came home mentally refreshed and with some new enthusiasm for my photography.  

I crossed paths with a snapping turtle and managed to get off a few shots, one is in extra.  I was amazed at how fast it moved and I got a little nervous when it turned and started to come towards me.  Fortunately, when I moved it scurried back into the water.  It is amazingly prehistoric looking. 

I have been absent for the last 5 days but that couldn't be avoided.  Number two son, who has been staying with us for quite a while was moving into his own apartment this week so there was lots to do.   He has been called back to work as of tomorrow and will no longer be able to come into close contact with us oldies.  He is all settled and we are enjoying having the house to ourselves once again.

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