By Missycat

Day 89 It's Flower Friday!

The lavender is just about in flower in our front garden and so is my choice for today's FF.  This is the first time I've spotted a ladybird this year.  In fact there were two but too far apart to get in one shot.
My main activity today was a visit to the supermarket as I have no childcare duties atm on Fridays.  I did have to wait 15-20 minutes to get in but once in there, the aisles seemed pleasantly empty.  I realised afterwards that this is because finally the store seems to have stopped restocking the shelves while we shop.  This Waitrose is quite small and the aisles rather narrow at the best of times, so when staff were filling the space with cages  to restock, social distancing was frankly impossible.  
In other news:  I received a text from   NHS telling me that from Monday 15 June (!) all patients from age 3 must wear masks when attending our GP surgery.  It  isn't clear if the surgery is actually doing face to face consultations yet or not.
This evening's daily briefing from 10 Downing Street was taken by Gavin Williamson, the Minister for Education.  No scientists today.  Mr Williamson is affable enough but seems to be very good at saying a lot of words with limited content.  He certainly wasn't able to provide practical detail when asked how all children could return to school full time in September if social distancing measures are still required.  Apparently there might be whole class 'bubbles' whatever that might mean.  There was much mention of the £1billion plan for one to one tutoring to help pupils, especially the 'disadvantaged' catch up, although where these tutors will be recruited from is not clear.
This evening's TV favourites for us were a number of comedy sit coms and a one off, Jack Whitehalls' Father's Day (my personal favourite) to take our minds far away from the lockdown.

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