By Missycat

Day 90 A visit from Elsa

Another day of doing very little.  I suppose that weekends have a little more significance now that Mr MC is back to work and Violet is back to school.
Now that 'non essential' shops can open Violet and her mummy were able to visit a toy shop yesterday so that Violet could spend her birthday money.  One of her choices was this rather splendid Elsa wig, to go with the dress that she received on her birthday.
In other news: there is no daily briefing at weekends now, so we get some break from it although the newspapers make up for it by putting out a seemingly endless stream of coronavirus related articles,some speculating what the government might do next and others offering often contradicting opinions from various scientists, doctors etc.  I don't buy newspapers any more and the broadsheets usually put up a paywall to stop you reading more than a paragraph without subscribing, which I confess I am too mean to do, so my reading is rather limited.
Today marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the official start of Summer.  In truth the weather has been indifferent here in Essex, although we a re promised the return of high temperatures next  week

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