Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Uh oh

This was the first of the little Eastern Bluebirds to fledge this morning (so glad I set the alarm and got up early).  I don't think he really meant to leave the box, but he kept hanging further and further out and then just kind of lost his balance.  He ended up in the phlox below the box but eventually got himself up into the trees.  As you can see from this image, he has all his flight feathers so his lack of flight was just that he wasn't quite ready.

In quick succession the next three left the box, all heading up high into the hickory tree about 50 feet away.  After a bit of dithering, #5 also took to the skies.  Mom and Dad will feed them while teaching them to forage for the next few weeks.  In all likelihood I won't see them again as they usually don't stay around for this phase of Baby Bootcamp.  

So, a bittersweet morning.  I was so glad to see each one leave, sure and strong (well mostly) and ready to see the world.  At the same time, the garden seems strangely lonely now without the parents coming and going all day, and the excited peeps coming from inside the box.  But, I've done my job.

Five other of my favorite shots from today on Flickr, starting HERE - worth a look if you have time.

I suspect one of the wren nests will fledge in the next few days - will try to gauge that one so I can get some shots, although no guarantees.

An other wise quiet day.  The cats are napping and I think I may steal a page from their playbook and take a little nap myself.  

Oh, and in good news - the home where MIL lives is going to start allowing limited in-person visits next week!  They will all be outside with social distancing, masks, etc and limited to two family members and by appointment only.  Health screenings will be in effect and all precautions will be taken - but this is definitely good news.  Another little step forward.

Keeping my bestie, Peg, in my thoughts as her home in Tucson is within a mile of the huge Bighorn Fire and they are on alert for imminent evacuation should the conditions change.  As if life isn't stressful enough already.

Stay safe, people. And take extra measures to be kind and loving - we all need kindness and love right now.


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