Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I happened to learn about a location where these NJ Endangered Species butterflies have been seen in small numbers recently so I whisked out this afternoon.  I'd been warned to bring wellies as the area was boggy and wet - and that information was correct.  What I didn't know what that my wellies had sprung a leak.  Not that I would let such a trifling matter as that deter me.  I slogged around in the muck, looking everywhere hoping to spot this rather diminutive butterfly.  No luck.  More slogging and!  This lovely specimen is a male and is endangered in much of it's range due to habitat loss.  It is only found occasionally in our part of the state so this really was a rare treat.  In fact, I may go back again.

It was an otherwise quiet day.  I braved the grocery store to pick up some things that didn't make it onto Hubs' weekly shopping list.  Then I lurked in the garden for a while.  Watched Governor Cuomo's 111th and final daily Coronovirus briefing.  Really going to miss his briefings.

And today I also gave a lot of thought to Juneteenth, which commemorates the day that slavery was abolished in the State of Texas, the last of the United States to do so.  Like many of people, I've been thinking a lot lately about why racism continues to this day, why some people judge others purely by the color of their skin, why people of color are viewed by some as "less than."  I can't come up with single reason other than ignorance.  I am sad that George Floyd was murdered, but maybe, just maybe his death will actually make a difference; maybe people will wake up and say "enough".  Maybe...

Stay safe. Be kind, be loving.


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