By KatesGardenPDX

A Very Long Day

It poured on and off all day today....deluge, monsoon sort of soaking rain. It did dry out for a bit this afternoon which got me skedaddling from my desk out to the garden for a blip.

This rose...the one that I call "Phil's Rose" after my friend Phil who gave me a cutting that has grown into a substantial shrub. But its stems are very weak, and with the soaking rain these gorgeous blossoms were facing the ground. I didn't lie on the ground, but some maneuvering took place. These roses are so fragrant and luscious - it's really captured in this blip...they practically ooze. So it makes sense that they literally drip and droop.

Sad news today - my 92 year old dear mom fell off her chair as she was getting up from breakfast. She has Parkinson's Disease which makes her mobility a bit more difficult. She's such a wee thing now. After some family discussion (my father never wants to call the medics) 911 was called and she was taken to the emergency room. Sadly she has so drastically broken her clavicle that she requires surgery to pin it all back together. Normally no one would ever consider surgery at this point in her life, but, sparing you the details, there's basically no option if there's even a chance of her leaving the hospital. So tomorrow, crack of dawn, the best shoulder specialist available in the state of Washington will try to put her back together. We can't visit her what with the damn Covid, but we all talked with her tonight. No one is saying what her chances are of surviving the anesthesia and surgery, the antibiotics and aftermath. But all of us were put through to her room to talk with her in record time and with utmost respect...no holds barred.

So my dear blip mates, please send good energy tomorrow morning early. Either she lives through this and can live the rest of her life with ease and without pain, or she goes to rest. I only want for her not to be in pain. These roses are for my mum. I would not have gained my passion for the garden without her. 

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