A day in the life

By Shelling


The tent in my blip doesn't mean I've moved out of my house. It just means that the wandering-group I'm in on Facebook is suggesting a longer walk  in July, with an overnight in a tent. I've said I want to come but I couldn't find my tent at first, it's been moving with me several times. 

I haven't been using it for years. I bought it in 1984 when I decided to go for a paddling tour on my own around an island called Bornholm in the southern baltic sea. Since then, I used it quite a lot when camping with my friends Keith and Janet during the summers in the north of Sweden when we were on paddle trips together. The tent hasn't been used for many years now but is still in one piece, a bit battered and worn but as long as it doesn't rain I'm going to be ok in it for one night. I wouldn't bring it to the mountains or anything demanding. 

Many years ago I thought of buying a new tent from a professional hiking/canoeing shop in Stockholm. The shopkeeper asked me what I was using at the moment and I still remember the look on his face when I told him. He muttered something about "toys" and showed me his "real" tents. The prices of the cheapest ones he offered were far off my budget so I kept the one I had. The one you see in the blip, and It will do me good for at least another night, 36 years after buying it. It's a bit nostalgic.

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