An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Father's Day fun...

Finally fell asleep just after 3am and was awake bright and breezy just after 7am so decided to get up.

Lola wished David a Happy Father's Day by rolling in something very stinky when they were out on the moor this morning.  That made him very happy :-))  He cheered up when he returned home to his favourite pudding, parma ham, poached egg and avocado salad (in extras) and his Father's Day card and gift from Alan.  He loves the Chookie Birdie painting and the demented bunny made him laugh, so I'm glad I included it now :D  He also got a card and packet of biscuits from Lola.

Later in the afternoon David and Alan had a great time in the pool.  Music blaring and much laughter, and my India inks arrived (in extras)  OMG they're fab but I am going to make such a mess with them.  I need to buy an overall!

Technical issues re. my laptop and getting Lightroom to work with my new external hard drive reared their ugly head, but more guidance from lovely pal Peter soon had them fixed.  Yay!  :-) 

A lovely roast beef dinner rounded off Father's Day perfectly :-)

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