Sunday memories ..........

 ............. of my first house.

Bought, at the tender age of 18, in Harrogate, N Yorkshire in 1970.

( Coincidently my Mum & Dad's first house was #9 on the street just above this one and I was born there - we moved when I was three).

Three bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, walk-in pantry and a small backyard.  Coal fires in the two downstairs rooms and two of the bedrooms.  Twenty nine houses on the cul-de-sac.

These twenty nine houses were originally built around 1900 as  "showhouses' - the ones on the two other streets close by all had bathrooms downstairs.    

Original cost £1,850.00  (US$2,300.00) - Mum & Dad lent me the £50 deposit and my mortgage started at approx. £9 a month.

I sold it, in 1988, eighteen months after I moved to Germany and the highest selling price since then was £303,000.00  (US$379,000.00)  -  an increase (if my calculations are correct) of about 16,378.00%.    
Harrogate is a very expensive town!!!

My front door was yellow, there were shutters and window boxes at the upstairs windows, a privet hedge (not railings) above the wall and I didn't have an alarm.

My late Mum was very savvy and gave me the boost to buy this rather than move into rented accommodation - as usual, she was right.  Thanks Mum xx


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Smile for the Day:

A small boy and his friends are looking at his family photo album.
When he gets to his parents' wedding photograph he says to them  "  and this is the day Mummy came to work for us! "

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

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