By Teasel

Poppies and Daisies

Recovery phase 2 begins today.  I dragged myself out for a run this morning.  It was very hot and muggy, and I didn’t want to go any further than 5k.  I then went on an errand, that proved fruitless and then I headed down into town to pick up lunch as I have done the past few Friday’s.  Last week I went early and there was a queue, so I went at a slightly later time, as I have done the previous few weeks when there had been no queue.  The queue this week was even bigger, and I had to queue through outdoor seating and listen to the woes of the coffee drinkers who couldn’t get to the second homes in foreign climes.  First world problems indeed.  I eventually got in and got served and raced home so the toasties were still warm.  They were devoured double quick by their recipients.
I did a few chores to fill a bit of time before I had to do a work call.  It has been scheduled and re-scheduled so many times over the past couple of weeks, and they settled on this afternoon, my day off.  It lasted about an hour.  I then headed out for a wee walk, while the sun was still shining, but packed my cagoule, just in case.
As I was getting nearer home, a man told me there was to be a massive thunder storm.  I just hoped to get home before it appeared.  There were big spots of rain and I quickly put my cagoule on. then bumped into some friends, so had a very brief chat before continuing.  The rain stopped after about five minutes, then the sun appeared again and I was roasting.  I got home and cooked tea – a very quick curry.
Latter I zoomed some friends and TT zoomed his whisky chums.
Daisies have burst into bloom in the poppy field.

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