By Teasel

Gosford Bay

A slow Saturday morning.  I pottered.  TT gardened.  BB did very little. 
After lunch TT and I headed out for a walk.  We walked to Longniddry via the railway path, and then down to the coast.  TT was rather perturbed at all the people at the beach.  It’s not much of a beach and the tide was right in – but there were quite a few people there, not to mention a van which I think was selling fish and chips, with a queue that was not socially distant.  We kept walking round the coast on the John Muir Way and left the people behind.  I then became rather perturbed by the amount and speed of the traffic especially the speed of the motorbikes, which felt more dangerous than the prospect of COVID-19. 
We walked to Aberlady and then sought out a path which would take us in the direction of home.  We found it and seemed to be on the right track, until we almost ended up in someone’s garden.  The private signs led us to believe this was not the right way.  We retraced our steps and found the track we needed to be on, it was totally overgrown, but we battled the nettles and thistle and kept going.  This took us to a woodland, where the path was much easier to follow. As we were getting nearer our destination the path once more became totally overgrown, but once more we pushed through, eventually reaching the road.  We had to walk a very short distance along another busy road and were relieved to turn off onto a road which would take us in the direction of home.   The last bit home was a bit of a trudge – up the hill, then down the hill.  We were glad to get home for a seat before the boys put the tent up in the garden..
Later there was a takeaway curry – which felt like a big treat, and the last two episodes of The Missing – which we have really enjoyed.
The boys headed to the tent for the night and I headed to my bed.
As we emerged from the car park and the trees, we were met by this beautiful view of Gosford Bay.  I’m not sure the sign in the car park was being heeded (extra).

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