Suburban Luncheon Bar

My days just seem to have got busier and busier as the week has gone on, and by the time I left the office tonight, I had had enough!  I had to stay later than I had planned as something came in late, and most folks had already gone.  I ran for the train, which was absolutely packed and as a result so very hot. I was so glad to get off.  Once in the car, I hadn’t gone very far when I hit a tailback on the A1.  Thankfully I wasn’t too delayed.  I don’t think BB had even noticed I wasn’t home! 

An old friend of TT’s arrived not long after I was home.  He is in the area, so popped round.  His visits are always a good excuse for an Indian takeaway, which we all enjoyed. 

My step count was not good today, so I was forced to go out for some late night steps.  Luckily it was almost the longest day!

Look up and you can spot a ghost sign.


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