By dfb24

Confederate Spiderwort

At least that’s what Plant Snap said. We were at the clinic this morning for 3 hours, so instead of waiting the entire time I actually went inside the nearby grocery store & bought groceries, then stopped at the cupcake store to buy cupcakes for the girls, as today is Jennie’s birthday. After that I walked two circuits of the walking trails located behind the clinic, then went inside by Tom. His blood had just finished & they were giving him some extra fluids, so it wasn’t long before he was done, & feeling much better. We got home just minutes before Jennie & the granddaughters pulled in, so we sang “happy birthday” & handed off her card & cupcakes. Mae stuck her head out the window & informed me it was her mama’s birthday, & could I guess how old her mama was. I said “She’s 29 today”, and she said “Grandma, you’re right! How did you know”? Me: “because I was there”. Mae: “You were? That’s so cool”! LOL! Thanks to Miranda for her wildflower challenge & hope you all have a great day. :)

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