Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Training Camp

After seeing Hubs off (headed to the NJ Motorsports track for a weekend of car racing - assuming the car behaves), I headed to a nearby wetland area for some dragons.  Happy to report that I saw about 10 dragon/damsel species but other than an ovipositing forktail (HERE on Flickr nothing really out of the ordinary.  

On my walk back along the trail, I came across Polly, the eastern painted turtle who was most likely making her way somewhere to bury some eggs.  I noticed immediately that she was in training for the new Retraction Event in the Alternative Olympic Games (upcoming August 1).  I sat with her for a few minutes while she went through her routine and have to say that I think the only competition Team Turtle will have on this event is possibly Team Hermit Crab.  You can see that she is in fine AOG form already, and with the Games still a month away.  

Yes, folks, we are ON for the 2020 AOG (Alternative Olympic Games).  I will post tagging instructions about a week before the start of the Games.  And between now and then I will interview some of the competitors and perhaps even share some top-secret training tips.  Feel free to do the same in your own AOG Arenas.  Also, I am seeking volunteer judges - those willing to take a few minutes to review the daily AOG posts and award a heart or two to their favorites.  If you haven't participated in the past, this is really all just about having some silly fun, being imaginative, and having some laughs.  It will admittedly be somewhat easier for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere to locate "athletes" but I challenge my friends on the other side of the world to think outside the box.  I've hosted a couple of AOGs in the winter and while there are less athletes, there are still plenty of opportunities.  Hope you'll all join in.

Another hot day here but with a nice breeze so it wasn't as icky being outside.

A nice surprise today when Governor Cuomo had a joint press briefing with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut.  The three states are asking all people form states who are currently experiencing more than 10% infection rate to self-quarantine when coming into our area.  Our three states have bent the curve way down so the last thing we want or need is infection coming in from other states.  When we were the epicenter of the virus in the US, there were a number of states that required people from our area to quarantine - it just makes sense.  

I had a realization this morning.  I have been having a lot of nightmares recently and what I've come to realize is that it is just my brain processing what we've been going through with the virus.  I am not usually prone to nightmares but I had them for some time after 9/11; and this has certainly been as traumatic in many ways as that was.  Interesting.

Stay safe. Be kind.  Be loving.


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