Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

My bucket list just got a whole lot shorter

Very early this morning I went to the nature reserve.  It was gorgeous and not too hot.  And this was my reward.  The sweet mumma roe deer I saw the other day has not one kid, but two.  And here they are.

I don’t know which of the first two I should put as an Extra.  The one I’m most thrilled about is the suckling one (she actually had the faith to do that with me and the camera standing there?).  But I think you may prefer the utter cuteness of the kid shot.  I might change them about a bit.  And the second extra shows you all three: mum and two babies.
After which I came home and realised half way back that I was feeling very unwell again.  My little sis has just been over to Winchester but instead of meeting in Abbey Gardens for a take-out coffee she came to my house.  We had a lovely chat and then she took off the birthday presents for distribution.
The rest of the day will, I think, be a bit of doing nothing.
Hope your day goes well  xx

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