Keith B

By keibr

A New "Newbridge"

After yesterday's somewhat epic walk in the heat I felt like taking it easy today. Part of that was a trip to town to buy wine, and do some food shopping.
This is the view from what must really be one of the most scenic car-parks in the country. Again the weather is really hot - temperatures up around 30°C, and today thunderclouds were gathering a bit inland. Though they never came to anything they did make a rather dramatic backdrop for my picture.
This bridge is "Nybro", directly translated "New Bridge", but unfortunately it is a long time (60 years?) since it was new, and it will soon need replacing. The bridge links the island with the mainland and at the moment it opens up now and again to let sailing boats through. Should the new bridge (the new "new bridge?) be a similar design or should the town save money by just putting in a standard bridge?
Unfortunately many of the moorings and facilities are on the southern side of town, whereas the more interesting sailing waters are to the north. Being able to take a short cut through town saves 25 km of sailing and makes the town more attractive for boat owners.  Hmmm.... a difficult problem but in the end I think the large savings to be made mean the sailing fraternity will be disappointed.

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