By Wildwood

Spring Lake*

While I was writing up my blip just now I got a notification about the progress of a package I ordered on June 15th. I was so excited to read what it said that I erased my entire blip just as I was about to press the publish button. I'm not going to rewrite the whole thing. I was just complaining anyway. Instead I am going to share the trajectory of my package with you. No wonder it has taken over ten days to get here...

June 23         in transit
11:21 pm       Florence Mississippi

Jun 23.          departed Fed Ex location
12:17 pm       Orlando Florida

Jun 20.          arrived at FedEx location
2:56 pm         Orlando Florida

Jun 20.          in transit
9:36 am        Belle Isle, Florida

Jun 19.         in transit
8:34 pm        Monteagle, Tennessee

Jun 19         departed fed ex location
8:28 am.      Kansas City, Missouri

Jun 17.        picked up
10:36 pm    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Jun 17        Shipment information sent 
1:16 am.     to Fed Ex

This was one item out of four that I ordered from Nordstrom. Our nearest Nordstrom is about 35 miles away, but it is closed. Each of the four items came from a different store in a different part of the country. 

Not exactly an efficient use of fossil fuel. If I had known I would have gone without make-up until the local store opens. Instead of getting a haircut I watched an Australian guy give a gorgeous blonde model a haircut on YouTube. It gave me the courage to give John a trim....

*Taken while on a walk with Kathy this morning. I'm sure I've taken many pictures looking across the lake to the dam before, but it was looking particularly inviting this morning 

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