No of course it's agapanthus, but whenever I try to remember its name I think anaglypta.  I thought the plant bereft of flowers this year but then spotted this bud snaking its way through the nemesia in the next plant pot.

As I type there is the rumble of thunder across the village.  Let's hope it's followed by a good rain shower to save Tony having to water the allotment.  I looked out first thing to see lots more blue chicory flowers in the mini meadow, so I've spent some time with the camera on the tripod on the patio hoping to catch some wildlife.  There were lots of hoverflies around but I've decided to go with the agapanthus today.  Has anyone noticed lots of ladybird larvae this year?  Certainly we seem to have a fair few which is good news.

And yes, it's raining very heavily!  

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