By Kipsie

Homegrown veggies for dinner tonight

Potatoes, peas, turnip, beetroot leaves, & carrots, plus blackcurrant jus to accompany the roast duck. Very satisfying! I did'nt grow turnips but Richard & Shirley did and they offered me some. I offered them some fruit/carrots/ broad beans, but they declined. I love the allotment life, the sharing of seeds, plants, produce, knowledge. This is a back blip, I've sort of slept since then, although feeling a bit zombied out as it was so humid last night. I decided to hold a plant sale this weekend for Rowcroft Hospice so put an notice on the local FB sites. The response was great so fingers crossed the weather forecast will be wrong again.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday & multiple exposure. I quite like a Picasa faff which this is.

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