A day in the life

By Shelling


It's been another hot day, actually it's cooler in than outdoors. I've delivered som copied VHS-tapes (remember those?) to a friend. I copied them to DVDs (another format that hardly exists anymore) so now they can be transferred to computer and manipulated with. 

Also I tried to make my solution for getting better sound to work for the streamed concert we do tomorrow. It's still doubtful if it's going to work so we probably have to accept the poor sound captured by an iPhone used for streaming the concert.

In the  evening I felt an urge to see some more people so i biked down to Färjestaden to have a beer and some food. It was nice to feel like taking part in normal life for a while, many tourists has arrived and the restaurants are quite well visited. There is a beach next to the restaurant so I took a blip showing that some humans, mainly under fifteen years old, actually use the water for recreation and play. To me it doesn't look warm enough yet. My time will come, if this weather keeps a bit longer.

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