By ciorstain

Day 95 - Trainers

had a good day, got suff done and went out!
Trick was to put it on the to-do list hahahahaha!!!

I had a call with a potential client, a ceramics artist. She has still a long way to go until I will be taking her photos, but I believe I helped her a lot with the first steps in her business and with her marketing strategy.

Neil was late again.
We had the pork belly we marinated last night and it was amazing!
It was a Spanish recipe with fennel seeds, smoked paprika, vinegar and loads of garlic.
I was super impressed about the flavours.

We wen to on the couch late, and dropped to be.

Blipping my amazing all weather trainers.
All weather means you can walk through water and they dry quickly again ... hahaha their name is Tropic feel. Got them via Kickstarter last year. They are super comfy and I love the sage green too.

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