By Veronica


¡ Salud ! An actively social day today. I'd left Bruno the Peugeot at B's in March, and we need him back as the other car is due its contrôle technique. So we made a date for lunch. When we got to B's the first thing we did was try to start Bruno. Dead as a dodo. But we'd brought jump leads, and with those he started right away, so I ran the engine for a few minutes before going indoors for a glass of Prosecco. From there we went to a tapas bar in town for a very pleasant lunch. Lovely to see B looking so well and to catch up on her adventures. It was very quiet for a sunny Sunday afternoon though.

Back at B's, another glass of Prosecco with chocolate cake, then we had another date and had to leave. Bruno was dead again, the jump leads came out again, and we had a good run back to Fabrezan for ... Just Talk! So pleased that barring the lockdown the conversation group has carried on in a slightly reduced form during our absence: eight friends playing Scrabble in French. We sat in on the end of the game, and then five of us made the usual short trip to the Grand Café for a litre of chilled rosé and a catch-up on news ... just like old times. Having left home at about 11:30 we eventually made it back at, erm, close to 8 pm. Mystère thought he had been completely abandoned, so he was relieved to see us.

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