By Veronica

Ma vigne

S checking out our tiny vineyard. The grapes are looking a bit sparse this year. We don't make any money out of it anyway, even in a good year, but it does mean we're entitled to free wine from one of the best cooperatives in the Aude.

After dropping off the red car for its pre-CT checkup, we ran errands in Lézignan this morning, and stayed at home in the afternoon. Edit: I was quite shocked that maybe half the customers in the supermarket were wearing masks. In Spain everyone does.

In the early evening we went for an amble round the village, various people expressing shock that we were finally back. I happily noted that the swimming pool is in the process of being filled ... I was quite worried that this essential summer activity wouldn't happen. The diary is gradually filling up again. And it's hot ... hotter than it was in Almuñecar. Mystère is sad. I think he's hoping he'll wake up and find himself back there.

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