By Veronica


Music, outdoors and socially distanced. The last live show we went to was on 8 March. This was a short concert by the Antoinette Trio, behind the sports hall in Fabrezan. I have seen them previously in 2016, performing in a church where they were somewhat more sedate. You can get a taste of today's style here. Extra: Arnaud Rouanet plays two clarinets. Or, I suppose, one, since it was two half-clarinets. Hopefully this will be the first of at least a few low-key events over the summer. Summer isn't summer without live music.

Had a bit of a blip break, but we are settling in ... we've been to the local restaurant for several rounds of tapas and sangria with friends, and this morning the village swimming pool opened! Hurrah! I had it completely to myself; the official limit is now 30 people, but I don't think I'd go there. All the children's holiday camps have been cancelled, so hopefully it will be less busy than last year.

In other news, today a chap came and very efficiently repaired the rat-chewed dishwasher and washing machine; it was good to get some of the accumulated pile of washing started. And while he was here he figured out why the self-cleaning function on the oven wasn't working and fixed it. So clean oven too!

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